Monday, October 17, 2005

Is there Really Equality in Canada??

Do you think that there is equality in Canada? Recently a man was caught stealing from the goverment (our tax dollars) and his sentence was some community service, a curfew of 9 pm, a few years of jail but that was it, nothing else; for stealing millions of dollars in our tax money! If a man running down the street with a ladies purse is seen by a cop (this is a example) what does that police man do? He runs after the man with the purse! Why is it that the cop doesn't immediately go after the man that has stolen more money? Is it cause his original job pays more than that cop can make in a year, or that his social status might be at risk when he gets arrested?Why is it then that these men that steal our tax dollars get paid to resign?And sometimes they aren't even paid to resign they are paid to leave and then come back later, and even during that period that they are paid as well. I know that if I was fired or made to leave I wouldn't get paid. So what do you think is it right to say that Canada is not entirely equal?